About the School of Music

The Worship Arts Academy School of Music exists to glorify God by equipping and training students young and old in the areas of music and worship, so as to build them up to serve the Lord in whatever musical capacity they find themselves in, whether sacred or secular. We strive to instill a deeper love and devotion to Jesus Christ in each of our students, while discipling them in how to worship and bring glory to God through their musical skills.

The School of Music is designed to bridge the gap between "classical" musical training and church music training by providing a balance between formal music lessons and skills and genres of music specifically required for church musicians that formal lessons may neglect. Our hope is that students will exhibit excellence whether they are using their gifts in church, in school, or in a secular context.


Tuition and Payments

  • Tuition for private lessons is $80 per month for sixteen 30-minutes lessons per semester. 

    • Tuition is $80 regardless of an off week; students should complete 16 lessons at the end of each semester. 

  • Tuition is due at or before the first lesson of each month.

  • There are no late fees, but lessons may be refused without payment.

  • Payments are made in person with cash or check. 

  • Families with two or more children are eligible for a sibling discount of $5 per month per sibling. 

Missed Lessons

  • Notify the school 24 hours prior to the missed lesson to qualify for a makeup lesson. 

  • Lessons missed because of a teacher absence or inclement weather are also eligible for makeup lessons. 

  • Makeup lessons must be scheduled with the teacher.

  • Makeup lessons may be scheduled in anticipation of a missed lesson.

    • The number of lessons received cannot exceed 16 per semester. 

  • Schedule makeup lessons as early as possible, at least a week in advance if possible.

  • If you cannot make 16 lessons per semester, please contact Joel King at joel@moffettroad.org to discuss solutions. 


Communication and Cancellation

  • Please ensure that your contact information is current as our teachers will communicate through email and text to contact parents. 

  • The school will communicate through email and through Remind.

  • MRBC Worship Arts Academy follows the Mobile County Public School System concerning weather cancelations and holidays. 

Discontinuing Lessons

  • You may discontinue lessons for any reason. 

  • Students are encouraged to finish out the semester before discontinuing lessons. 

  • To discontinue lessons, email Joel King at joel@moffettroad.org before the 15th of your last month of lessons. If you cancel after the 15th you will be responsible for paying for the next month of lessons as well as the current month.

Worship Arts Academy Policies

Worship Arts Academy Policies

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